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So you are brilliant at building but not so good at the software….

Do not fear we can help , Our software Only is the answer, this is exactly the same as we use in our machines.

What you get!

Exactly the same as we sell inside our machines, a FULL 5 system complete setup, with over 750+ Tables ready to go right out the box….NOTHING for yo to do!

Includes all the popular tables , both old and right up to date modern tables.

Drive is 250gb SSD, 90gb space if you want more tables of your own.

Why is it not cheap?…because we have spent hundreds of hoursĀ  creating it.

What are the limitations?

Our software is encrypted, you will require a key to use it which we supply, once activated the software will ONLY run in the pc it was initially installed in and is NOT transferable, if you want to get this for another machine you will need to buy another from us.

You will need a designated graphics card with both dvi and hdmi outputs.

It CANNOT be cloned in any way , its protected by advanced commercial encryption software.

Once installed in your desired pc, simply add buttons using an encoder (we suggest purchasing our encoder) and away you go!!

The setup will run out of the box providing you use 1080p monitors, if you choose to use a different size than our 27″ / 19″ setup you will need to configure these.

We will NOT accept any returns for this item FULL STOP!! if you mess it up you will need to repurchase.

Once installed you may add / delete or do whatever you want, you just cannot clone or move the software.

Please contact us for more information about our software, bu using our contact page or please our address below.



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